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The Coronavirus has developed into a global pandemic. Read about the response of Damen Shipyards Group in the message from Arnout Damen, CEO of Damen Shipyards Group,这里.

Here we provide you with the latest news related to DSC's coronavirus response.

Travel information

We are happy to assist you at one of our ship repair yards. If travel restrictions are preventing you from visiting our yards during the coronavirus crisis, or you are not familiar with the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus, please click the below links. Here you will find all the up-to-date information provided by the Government of the Netherlands. Our yards are open for business and we look forward to welcoming you.

Find here your information:

Q&A's Travel restrictions for the Netherlands ( EU travel ban):点击这里

Travelling from and to The Netherlands:点击这里

Dutch measures against COVID-19:点击这里


Open for business

我们的人员和同事,家庭和我们经营的社区的安全和福祉是我们所有的优先事项,我们都在所有我们所做的。我们也认为我们的客户所做的工作,在确保世界各地的商品流动至关重要 - 在这些挑战时期,我们都面临。

Therefore, with the implementation of robust safety measures and in alignment with appropriate national government guidelines and the World Health Organisation, we are proud to inform you that all our yards are now open for business.

At this time, different regions and, therefore, different yards, are subject to various regulations and restrictions. To find out what restrictions apply to our yards, visit the government website of the country where the yard of your choice is located.

Additionally, our Harbour and Voyage Repair (DSHV) team continue to operate. Currently, their focus is on repair and maintenance projects in the harbours of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vlissingen and Eemshaven. However, if a project arises elsewhere DSHV will carry out an assessment to see if the project is possible in alignment with national and local regulations. For urgent service please call:0031 (0)630008582.

DSC is pleased to play its part in maintaining the continuity of the maritime supply network during the coronavirus crisis.

关于Dame新万博诚信大网n ShipAir和转换

诅咒船员& Conversion (DSC), as part of the Damen Shipyards group, offers a network of fifteen repair and conversion yards, with drydocks ranging up to 405 x 90 and 420 x 80. DSC handles over 1,500 jobs annually. For large projects you can rely on a dedicated Offshore & Conversion team, who love to work on sizeable and complex projects.

Family company of 2,000 skilled craftsmen



15 DSC维修码,用干船,高达405 x 90和420 x 80米

Most of our yards are conveniently located along the European coast from Brest (France) to Oskarshamnsvarvet (Sweden). In addition, we can serve you in Curaçao (Caribbean), Sharjah (UAE) and Singapore. With a total of 45 drydocks, DSC offers a full range of services in maintenance, repair, conversion, and refit of vessels and offshore constructions of all sizes. In addition, our Harbour & Voyage ship repair team is available for 24/7 worldwide.


We decided to drydock the vessels at Damen Shiprepair & Conversion because of the good experiences we have had with them. They are flexible, practical and fast. They also have ready access to a large variety of well-equipped sub-contractors close by in the neighbourhoods of their shipyards.

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  • 安全第一
  • 可靠性和准时完成
  • Long track record
  • Consistent Damen quality and service guaranteed
  • Worldwide service – from the Caribbean, to Europe and the Middle East
  • 从较小的尺寸到欧洲一些最大的干船坞的码
  • Experienced craftsmen combined with an innovative mind-set
  • 24/7 afloat ship repairs worldwide
  • Drydock availability and flexibility
  • Excellent suppliers and subcontractors network

Our track record

  1. conversion project 'eidsvaag opal' at dsam (preview)

    'Eidsvaag Opal'

    General Cargo
  2. oceanxplorer in the fjords of norway (project preview)


    离岸Surveying Vessel
  3. 在DSBR巡航'海洋探险家'维修(预览)


    September 2020